What is Infinity/Permanent Jewelry? 

Infinity Jewelry is a bracelet, anklet, or necklace made with high quality precious metal (14k gold-fill, 18k gold-fill, 925 sterling silver, rose gold-fill, oxidized sterling silver) that is welded shut on your wrist, ankle, or neck. This is done to replace a clasp - therefore having no beginning and no end, hence “infinity”. It is often done to represent lifelong bonds, friendships, self-love, and other meaningful lasting moments in one’s life. 

What kind of metal is used? 

We only use precious metal chains. We offer chains in 14k gold-fill, 18k gold-fill, rose gold-fill, and 925 sterling silver. Gold-fill is our chain of choice, as it is more affordable and a close alternative to pure gold (it is still real gold!) but is generally more durable, as the core of the chain is harder than soft pure gold. Since our chains are delicate in nature, a sterling silver core makes the chain more durable and less likely to catch on other items. Our chains are hypoallergenic, free of hard and toxic metals, can be worn in water, and will not tarnish with proper care.

How much does Infinity Jewelry cost? 

We pride ourself in offering some of the most affordable permanent jewelry in Winnipeg! We want everyone to be able to pick their perfect piece. Our bracelets range from $35-$65. Anklets and necklaces have an additional fee of $5-$25 depending on choice of chain and length. 

How do I take care of my Infinity Jewelry? 

As with any jewelry, it is important to maintain regular cleaning and upkeep. Simply use a microfiber cloth or polishing cloth or warm water with gentle dish soap is a great way to clean your piece. This should be done any time you have submerged your piece in water, especially that containing salt water or chlorine, as these can make your piece become dull over time. Sweat, body oils, and lotions can also dull your jewelry and should be gently cleaned after coming in contact with such.

Are Infinity Jewelry pieces sturdy? 

Your Infinity Jewelry piece will be welded shut directly on your wrist, ankle, or neck with a micron laser welder, therefore creating a consistent chain with no clasp. While the lack of a clasp decreases the risk of there being a “weak point” on your chain, the delicate nature requires you to care for your piece with love. Our chains are durable and will maintain their integrity over time with proper care! We recommend a snug fit with just enough wiggle room to move around, as this creates a stronger base for your chain and less risk of catching on other items. 

Can I keep my Infinity Jewelry piece on in the airport? 

Absolutely! It is a delicate enough chain that it shouldn’t lead to any beeping while going through security. 

Can Infinity Jewelry be removed for emergencies? 

Absolutely! As a nurse, I’ve cut off all kinds of clothing and jewelry. Medical scissors can be used to cut your piece in the event of a medical emergency, urgent MRI, surgery, or other medical need for removal. We recommend cutting your piece on the welded jump ring so it is easier for us to put back on you once you’re feeling better. We offer free re-welding in the circumstance of a medical emergency, as long as the chain is cut on the jump ring. 

What if I want to get matching jewelry with a friend/family/loved one but don’t feel ready to commit to a permanent chain? 

No problem at all! We can still make you and those in your booking matching chains, we will just add a clasp for $7! Our Infinity Jewelry clasps are made with the same quality metal as our chains. 

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